VETS2CLOUD teaches Veterans how to build new businesses

About this pioneer

VETS2CLOUD is a Veteran Apprenticeship program operated by CLOUD CO-OP where we provide existing Veteran families or transitioning Veterans an opportunity to become CRM Business Consultants. We focus on three areas in addition to many resources to help their growth as we mentor and coach them during real world client facing engagements within the CLOUD CO-OP operations as a national cloud computing consulting firm.

Our programs are WELLNESS YOU which provides insights into Mindfulness, Meditation and Emotional Intelligence. We also encourage them to become community leaders and give back to a local non-profit. BUSINESS STRUCTURE so the Veteran will learn about how companies are formed, operate and which roles play what parts in a business.

We also coach them on setting up their own LLC. CLOUD COMPUTING is where we concentrate our attention and provide the Veteran an avenue to become a Business Consultant and Business Owner. Here they begin to develop which career path they want to go down, the Systems Integrator (SI), the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). In addition to these paths, they are taught critical consulting skills around Prospecting, Discovery, Business Progress Reviews, Solution Designs and Project Management. 

About Vets2.Cloud

It was a natural fit for the space we were already in which is Cloud Computing. With the current emphasis as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business that is helping Veterans transition to the workforce, it made perfect sense to fashion the program around .CLOUD.

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