Our choice to use .cloud was motivated by its strategic value of identifying the service and differentiating us

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About this pioneer

Seejay is a social media marketing tool for brands and publishers based on hashtags and storytelling. It allows publishers and brands to dialog in real time with social media users posting with hashtags connected to their business. The hashtags guarantee alignment between what the publisher or brand wants to promote and the audience they’re promoting to, allowing them to reach a target audience in line with their business and genuinely interested in their content, products and services. Seejay campaigns generate very high KPIs: +70% views, +15% sales, 50% CTR.

Seejay was established in February 2013 as Srls. Its legal headquarters are in Rome and its operational offices in Milan and Catania (Sicily). Our startup is part of the Registry of Innovative Startups in Italy. It has became a Srl company from April 2014 with the addition of  funds from several capital partners, among which Club Italia Investments 2 and the incubator Nana Bianca. As of July 2015, Seejay is available in self-provisioning Saas modality in both free and paid versions. 

About seejay.cloud

Our choice to use the .cloud domain name was motivated by its strategic value: it immediately identifies the service and differentiates us against competitors. It also responds to the need for us to strengthen our positioning, confer a unique and distinctive identity, and make the most an audience that such an exclusive novelty could bring. Our goal is not to simply "ride the wave" of novelty, but rather to make the most of this opportunity to unambiguously express our identity and differentiate ourselves using an element (our domain name) that's not commonly used in such an "expressive" manner.

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