ScreenCloud is changing the world of digital signage

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About this pioneer

ScreenCloud is making dumb screens smart, and in the process, we’re changing how the world of digital signage works. 

If the customer has a Smart TV, they can download the ScreenCloud app to turn their TV into a fully-fledged, easy-to-use digital signage solution - and if they don’t, a simple Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick combined with the ScreenCloud app has the same effect: Digital signage, finally brought into the current decade using the power of the cloud! 


Our entire company mission can be distilled into two words: Screen and Cloud. We use the power of cloud computing to make screens smart, easy, and intelligent. When we discovered the .cloud domains were becoming available, became an obvious choice for us: It distills what we do not just into our name, but also into our easy-to-remember domain name! 

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