About this pioneer

ReputationCloud measures, controls and improves the customer's online reputation by processing reviews, posts and comments on all relevant Internet platforms. At this time, ReputationCloud targets especially doctors and clinics in Germany.

About reputation.cloud

ReputationCloud is active in a very innovative market, where creativity and speed are crucial. Being a .cloud pioneer transmits to the market these values in a unique and very effective way. Furthermore, their .cloud domains creates an even more consistent corporate odentity for our their brand. 

Adrian Taciulescu, CEO of ReputationCloud says:  "It transmits in a very clear way the core component of our business. We understand the word “cloud” in our name in two ways: one the one hand, it defines the sum of all online reviews, comments and postings that surround the reputation of our customers just like a cloud. On the other hand, we offer our services as a SaaS model in the cloud. So .cloud is, indeed, the perfect fit for ReputationCloud!"