distils what we do and why we do it with an easy to remember domain name

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Nerdalize developed the ‘Nerdalize heater’ with the vision to create a world where heating is free and sustainable computing power is an affordable commodity. 

The heater contains high-performance servers in a radiator. By placing these servers in homes, Nerdalize creates a highly distributed compute cloud that is energy efficient and affordable. 

This approach cuts the cost per compute job by 30 to 50% for Nerdalize clients by doing away with the overhead of traditional cloud providers. On top of the cost savings the same amount of energy is used twice, once to complete computations for companies and researchers and then again to heat the home.


At Nerdalize we believe  the cloud is one of the most important ingredients for progress. This is also why we believe in cloud as a commodity, available to everyone at low cost and when needed.

We do our part in driving this vision forward by making cloud as affordable as possible, reducing structural overhead cost for our cloud services and by making prices transparent. We do not only make our own prices transparent, but also those of other providers by offering Nerdalize Benchmark.

Therefore distils what we do and why we do it with an easy to remember domain name.

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