Food Cloud is a social enterprise that is solving the food waste problem

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FoodCloud is a social enterprise that matches businesses that have too much food with charities that need it in their local community through a technology platform. 

Within communities food businesses frequently experience food surpluses, as a consequence of the modern food system, while charities struggle to provide food for those who need it most. FoodCloud provides an opportunity for businesses and charities within communities to work together to solve the social and environmental impact associated with food waste and food poverty.



FoodCloud's primary website will be This is our shop window for communicating with stakeholders from businesses, to charities to the general public interested in learning more about FoodCloud and reducing wasted food.

The website provides information for our partner businesses and charities to guide them through signing up and the donation process and our blog contains a whole range of information about our work and how people can take on wasted food in the home.

Food Cloud was recently featured in as part of a series about innovative .cloud pioneers. 

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