Bina Smart Business is a full cloud application for retail management

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About this pioneer

Bina Systems LLC is an Eastern Europe software development company, specializing in the provision of professional services to retailers using Cloud Computing Technologies. The focus is on the elaboration of web and mobile applications in the area of ERP, CRM and E-commerce.


Bina Smart Business is a full cloud application for retail management. It allows to organize the workplace of the cashier, instantly uploads sales to the cloud, analyses them and shows management reports in real time.

Bina Smart Business is available from any browser and has a native Android and iOS applications for POS and mobile POS.

The mission of Bina Smart Business is to provide top management with easy access to real-time Business Intelligence (BI) for fast decision making.

.cloud is not just a domain - it's a message to our audience: "Bina Systems does Cloud solutions professionally".  Being among the first in .cloud is thrilling and at the same time natural for us, since we truly are the pioneers of the industry in the Republic of Moldova. The future is in the Cloud. And .cloud sounds like a great place for it.

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