AsweSend simplifies file transfer

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About this pioneer

ASweSend is an innovative service to send documents, images and videos - more generally, any small or big file - in an easy and intuitive way. It is different from any other available service on the market thanks to some features that make it unique. Differently from the most popular file sending services, ASweSend allows its users to set the lifespan of download links - they can even last forever! Every function is fully supported by mobile devices, and accessible from every operative system. There are no maximum dimensions for uploads, allowing users to send anything with no limits. Another feature is the WhiteList: thanks to a safe authentication, frequent users never happen to get blocked. ASweSend saves previous recipients - thus accelerating every operation, and has a useful reporting system: every sending, sender and download status are saved and can be displayed at any time.

It is possible to decide whether to receive download notifications or not; in any case, the online report can be displayed at any time. Folders can be uploaded directly, without having to be zipped. This allows recipients to choose which contents of the folder to download and when to.ASweSend pays a lot of attention to security: every connection is HTTPS-encrypted, stable and reliable, both while uploading and downloading.


We use the .cloud domain to present our service - ASweSend - and to supply it. 
We chose it because files to send get saved in a Cloud architecture, and because our service deals with transferring contents in an innovative way. We believe that being one of the .cloud Pioneers will allow us to reach an interested public, and that taking part in this project will get us a wider exposure, also thanks to the great promotion carried out by the .cloud team. And most of all, we use it because we wanted to rise above the crowd with an innovative domain.